The First Cases of the Silhouette Solutionists

Hello readers. This blog is my attempt at selling my novel series I am working on about twin detectives from California who have become known as the Silhouette Solutionists. But first I am going to describe myself a little bit.

When I was growing up, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. As I progressed through High School, I started thinking of what I should do and decided to go to college to get a degree in Accounting. Along the way, I discovered that I have a talent for writing when I won a scary story contest in Ligonier, PA. I was so shocked by winning, that I thought that maybe I should try to continue with this talent of mine and began working on a series of novels. At first, the writing process was a little bit rough, and I couldn’t think of all the right words to say to make the book what I was hoping for it to become. Then, after several drafts, I finally was able to create my first novel “The First Cases of the Silhouette Solutionists”, which features a former police officer and his twin brother, a former waiter at a local restaurant in California, coming to together to become private detectives who assist on cases.

This book contains four small cases that these two must solve, including a bomber, a sniper, a depressed son, and a framed cousin. These cases put their skills to the test, as each case becomes more and more intense with every clue found.

If this sounds interesting to anyone reading this, and you wish to purchase a copy, this book is available on and for around $10.00. I hope in the future to have my own brand of detective novels, and this is only the beginning. Thank you.